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Originally Posted by sypher View Post
Anyone know of any areas that have bass other than Hagg Lake. I am looking for a few new places to go that are kid friendly. Thanks
There's a pond at Rood Bridge Park that, when it's not choked with weeds - has some bass in it. Very kid friendly park. There is a spot or two where you can fish from a paved trail, if you need/want to. There's a bark dust trail leading around 80% of the pond, and grass bank around the rest.

There's also the Tualatin River and Rock Creek in the park as well - tho those don't open till May 28. Pond is open year round.

If you don't mind driving a bit - Cook Park in Tigard, near Tigard HS sits on the Tualatin, and has a dock you can fish off of. Bass, perch, trout, and carp can be caught there pretty regularly.

Or you can drive to Scappoose or Saint Helens and fish the Multnomah Channel, or drive over to Sauvie's Island and hit up the lakes or the channel there.
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