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Default Brownlee/Powder River report 9/14-15

Fished from Friday at 5:00 p.m. until Sunday noon. Just a couple notes....

1) We did not target crappie, bluegill, or perch.
2) We did target catfish and smallmouth bass.

We landed 4 very nice 3 to 4 lb. catfish, using cut bait, Owner hooks, and 3/4 oz. egg sinker.

The bass fishing was awesome in the early and mid-morning, and that about sums it up. As soon as 11:00 a.m. rolled around, the bass totally shut off. We tried a few different baits and techniques, but after 11:00 a.m. they were done. Lots and lots of 9" and 10" bass. We did however land several 14" smallies. I estimate between the three of us we landed about 100 bass in two days of fishing. Nothing really big like we had hoped for, but we had a great time trying, and catching!

I finally did well with a crank bait. I've shied away from them due to lack of experience, but this trip I gave them a shot and they worked very well. We also had very good luck with a classic Texas rig with 3" Bass Pro Shops Stik-O watermelon bait. This was my go to bait for catching bigger fish. I also used a drop shot rig. It worked well, but the brass weight holders didn't hold my weight well enough so I changed up. I tried heavier weights, and I'm sure this is why.

I tried several different sizes of baits, from smaller 2" grubs up to an 8" soft bait, but the 3" Stik-O caught more and bigger fish.

As a side note, the Stik-O bait did not hold together very well. The rubber was very soft and was torn or damaged after very few casts. If a fish hit it, you could almost count on part of it being torn away. Our hooks were Owner #2's. We missed very few fish with these hooks!

Sorry no pictures. My wife had to use my camera for pictures of our daughters first game as a cheer leader!

I did see some folks with Crappie, and some pretty big ones. There were a few boats around we could see were fishing for crappie and bluegill, but I have no real 1st hand report.

My new bait caster took some getting used to, but I did very well with it.

We had a wonderful trip to Richland, and spent two wonderful nights out on the water. We caught lots of fish, and drank a few beers. All in all it was terribly fun!

Keep your line tight!
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