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Default Re: The state patrol rolling slowdown.

Originally Posted by Anchor Management View Post
It seems clear to me that there are some people on this forum that travel at the posted maximum speed limit in the left lane. My second takeaway is that some of those same people get some perverse pleasure out of staying in the left lane knowing that there is someone behind them that wants to go faster.

Why not just get out of their way? What are you, the left lane police?

I just don't understand what is gained by staying in the left lane if there is another lane to the right available. Leave it open in case there is an Emergency vehicle or someone with explosive diarrhea that needs to go faster
Originally Posted by rob allen View Post
Simple solution be a decent human being drive the speed limit ( speeding is in fact wrong to do)
Keep right except to pass....

If I am going the speed limit in the left lane and am passing other cars and you come flying up behind me it is not my responsibility to get out of your way it is your responsibility to not travel faster than the posted speed limit but rest assured when I am done passing I will get over..

Explosive Diarrhea, Now that is funny, but I do see the impact of having someone holding up traffic driving the speed limit in the left lane when they could be driving the same speed in the right lane.

Now this is very hard to do.
But for once I am going to have to agree with Rob Allen.

What frosts my nose is the people that drive in a designated passing lane going up hill and will not pull over when there is no one else in the right lane ahead of them . And there is a sign at the bottom/start of passing lane that saysSTAY RIGHT EXCEPT TO PASS . In Oregon the Washington drivers are the worst at doing this, really bad on HWY30 between Astoria and the Longview Bridge.

Pass and pull over is my motto.



I will agree with Dodzilla's post below mine also.
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