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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

The truth is, doctors see a broad spectrum of patients all day long. Some that are very demanding, some need a lot of hand holding, necessitating explanation of the treatment plan at each visit. And I'm sure some patients are wonderful and it's like visiting a longtime friend at each appointment. But despite the advanced degrees, fellowship training and board certification, being a doctor is a very difficult job that probably doesn't have a lot of support within the profession. I'm sure that they can have bad days where they aren't as consistent with their chairside manners as we would like the to be, but while important it's not the most important.
Yeah, I understand that. What I don't understand is why we send our best and brightest through the grind of med school/residency and then run them into the ground like they're disposable. I'd rather join the jihad and strap on a bomb vest and blow up some infidels. Quicker, less painful and more rewarding.

I finally got to talk to her yesterday. I sent an e-mail through the clinic website, saying I know you're busy, no rush but I need a callback by Sept 5 or I was cancelling surgery. Lo and behold, she called in less than an hour. She went right into officious mode again, which I hate. She's good at it, but I can see right through it. Wasn't exactly a satisfying conversation. She didn't notice anything unusual about our last meeting, which tells me that her head is elsewhere, and I told her that, straight up and blunt. I could tell by her barely contained voice that she wanted to reach through the phone and rip my tongue out. She also said in the most cheerful tone possible that she'd be happy to refer me to someone else. I didn't tell her that I'd already done that, and I have another doctor waiting on the sideline.
I'm no expert, and I can only speculate but I think that either A) She's burning out and/or overwhelmed B) There's an outside issue, of which the scenarios are endless. I feel bad because I'll never know. She's under no obligation to tell me anything, and because of today's "professionalism" there's always a wall.
There's more to it, but I gotta keep it shortish.
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