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If I am reading the WA regs correctly in the ocean you can still keeps Kings in MA1 until 9/30?Attachment 729291
That's the way I understand it.

The quota numbers were just posted today. We've caught 59% of the quota for silvers and 49% of the guideline for chinook. We only burned through 8% of the silver quota in the most recent week (8/12 - 18), compared to 14% in the previous week. I think it's looking good for a complete season this year. [IMG class=inlineimg]https://www.ifish.net/board/images/smilies/smile1.gif[/IMG]


They say we’ve got 59% of the quote for silvers yet they don’t even count the fish when we come in lol
Each of the 4 trips I’ve made out of Ilwaco when coming back they ask if we have any chinook and that’s it. I say, nope just coho and they don’t even want to see them. So how they figure 59% of the quota when they don’t even check the fish lol
I’m sure in all reality 150% of the quota has been caught.
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