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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

Man I sure must live a charmed life. 7 major surgeries, stage 4 cancer, atrial fibrillation, peripheral neuropathy, other minor annoyances and never had a Doctor I didn’t like. One heart Doctor at Good Sam left in the midst of treatment with no explanation to anyone but another stepped right in. They all give us time, concern and real interest in medical issues. One doctor threatened to drop me if I didn’t get my blood tests in on time. I discussed his demeanor and he apologized. What more can one ask? My oncologist is genuinely up front with me assuring me along the way. One told me to never hesitate about symptoms. He said “ you know more about what’s ailing you than I do. We don’t have all the answers.” Doctors and Nurses are under paid and under appreciated. That’s why they call them Medical Practitioners. They are not perfect, just good at what they do. And some are better than others.
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