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Default Re: Karma is a petunia and she will get you

Originally Posted by 444Marlin View Post
Here's the kicker though...what if someone set up blinds at each of the watering holes in an area that you were hunting?? Do you put up your own blind on the same watering hole? Do you not hunt those areas? Or do you use an unused blind that is already set up?

In my book, and I’m sure opinions will differ, who ever gets there first gets the spot. But in no circumstances, would I mess with or touch somebody else’s portable blind or treestand. I either hunker in the bushes or bring my own. I would never intentionally try to hunt a place that already has a stand, unless I have hunted it longer than the stand has been there. Either way, if they get there first, I’ll find somewhere else to hunt. If I’m there first, I expect the same.

Permenant blind on public land where allowed is different, I see that as public property. Maybe it’s my background from building duck blinds and hunting public land. I know if particular instances where a person made half dozen natural blinds (in heavily hunted areas) in the the NF then expected folks to move when he strolled in at first light. We didn’t get along very well...
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