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Originally Posted by Bladdershy View Post
This is where it starts!!! Wrong..... if you wanted to keep salmon steelhead, you’ll need a tag... heck, I think you’ll still need 1 even if you deploy your rod intending to catch a tagable fish.
It's a moot point now.
Where is your information coming from? This is a quote from ODFW. They should be the authority we refer to regarding Oregon's free fishing weekend.

"On Free Fishing Weekends, you don’t need a license to fish, crab or clam anywhere in Oregon.

That’s no license, no tag, no endorsement needed."

Looks clear to me you don't need a tag.

Can you give me a link showing you need a tag?

Here is one showing you don't. https://myodfw.com/articles/2019-fre...ays-and-events

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