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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

MD's know patient's will gauge them more on their "bedside manner" than anything else, so that could be the reason for the "new best friend behavior" on one given visit. Then back to normal. , As I understand it, that is 15 minutes to 1) review the chart, 2) see the patient, and 3) chart the visit. That;s what the carriers want to pay for. Heck, in many cases you are lucky if we see an MD, and feel lucky if we get past the PA's/MA's.
Over the years I have learned that some of the better MD's I have had are chronically running late, especially late morning and afternoon as things back up. Why? They are taking more time than they are getting paid for. A couple of my MD friends have confirmed this.
Maybe if the malpractice carriers were the same corporate entities as the health insurers things would be different, lol.
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