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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

Get it together? Okay. I shortened it up. I'm not particularly upset, but this is uncharted territory for me. And I'm not sure if I'm overreacting.

3 key things:

1. I've had three appointments so far with her this summer. Her demeanor has been all over the place. Anywhere from "my new best friend" to "in law who doesn't like me but has to tolerate me".

2. During my last appointment I was waiting in an exam room after her MA got me ready for a procedure. She came in, I said "Hi, how are you doing?" and she completely ignored me. No response. Didn't even look my direction. Went right in to starting the procedure. Rude, and out of character based on my experience with her so far. I know she wan't in hurry, but it seemed like her head was somewhere else. Like I was an unpleasant chore and she just didn't want to think about it.

3. The one that set me off- I was in her office discussing treatment options with her. I didn't particularly care for the way she was addressing me- nothing wrong with it, but during previous appointments when she was in "best friend" mode she would talk to me like we knew each other for years. Now she looked and sounded like a routine Power Point presentation at an uptight board meeting. I was starting to wonder if I did/said something to p--- her off.
I had a couple of questions which she answered to my satisfaction. But then she suddenly turned toward her computer monitor and stared at it for a minute. Then she looked down at her desk and started gathering up papers. Then looked back at the monitor again for a bit. Then more paper shuffling. Didn't say a word or look in my direction. It was like she had totally forgotten that I was sitting four feet in front of her. Maybe she was hoping that if she ignored me long enough I'd go away. It was bizarre for anybody, let alone a medical professional. I sat there for most of a full minute in silence, not quite believing what I was seeing. I could sense that I was about to go from zero to abrasive in about .3 nanoseconds, so I got up and left without a word.

I'm not angry anymore, just bewildered. I'd like to give her a chance to explain that weird interlude. I've never had anyone do that to me before, just letting me sit there like an idiot, wondering what is going on.

So am I overreacting? Seriously.
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