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Originally Posted by Dave Smith View Post
IMO it's important to follow-through on this and get the guy in as much trouble and possible, and yes, definitely publicly shamed (far worse than what LE can do, if done right). If ifish wants to sit on it's hands and be part of the problem, that's ifish's right, but other social media outlets are actually helpful and care about these issues. The key is that you know who the culprit is. You're not playing police or jury- you watched it happen. HUGE DIFFERENCE.
My reasoning: this crap happens way too much and it's so rare that someone watches it happen, and has clear evidence. Gotta pounce and get the word out. You never know, you could be saving the hunt for a father and daughter in the future. Some guy could kill a booner that otherwise would've had his blind moved by an inbred, knuckle-dragging mouth-breather. Sorry to say this,. but it's kind of your obligation to your fellow hunters. I hope YOU kill a booner!!!
I couldn't have said it better, Dave. JMURPHY, you posted this, can you follow up on it and give us some kind of conclusion?
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