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Originally Posted by Bloomy View Post
I agree the fish are there, Friday we had 4 people on board and got our fish but had to work for them south of the CR. Numerous times we would reel in and have one or two fish following it but no matter what we did we couldn't get them to bite. (we changed flashers, bait, no flasher it didn't seem to matter) I think it was too calm if that's possible. Same story on Saturday, 5 pob and we got our fish by 1pm. It seemed the fleet kept going way southwest but we hit a pod of fish and just kept going back through them until we got them fishing all by ourselves. My gps looked like a my daughter had drew on it. Sunday was choppy and that helped I think. We got our limit with 4 on board by 8:30am. The bites were much more aggressive in that choppy water. All were caught southwest of cr in 275 feet.
Start a mile sw of Cr and keep going sw. 240-280 fow. Chovies with green old school flashers. Number on line counter did not matter. Fish would hit the rod at 15ā€™ and then go hammer the rod at 30ā€™. 16 oz lead. I do not pay as much attention to speed as others. If my lines are at a good angle and straight off the sterns Iā€™m fishing.
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