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Originally Posted by JMURPHY View Post
Note to the person that removed our blind from the water hole at 11:00 on Saturday
And then move it 100 yards out in the sage. Did it make you feel good to cut the tie
down strings? Or did you not know how to untie a knot.
We were camped on the hill and saw you do it, at first we thought you were going to
Steal it (that is why I got out the spotting scope and took down your license plate number)
Then you only moved it 100 yards, I guess you showed us who was boss. I really wanted to
Come down and confront you but it probably would not have turned out good for one of us.
I would hope in the future that you think about what you are doing, the next time you may
Not find someone that is as easy going as we are. My friend killed a nice goat that morning so
maybe we were just in a good mood….lol

ps. We got a really good photo of you on the trail cam.

Karma is a petunia and she will get you
I talked to friend of mine that is an OSP Game officer. By your story I assumed that it was on public property. So that is what his answer below was based on. He did say that if this happened on private property, the landowner, landowner employee, or agent could remove the blind with no issues.

On public property if it were in his unit he would contact this individual and depending on the outcome of that contact he would decided how to proceed. However based strictly on your description, this person could be facing arrest or citation. He told me that there a few steps he would take as a responding officer. First he would make sure that this individual had a tag to be hunting in the unit. Next he would address with the person the actions you described.

When he cut all the lines he destroyed your private property, thus committing criminal mischief in the 3rd degree.

ORS 164.345 Criminal mischief in the third degree

(1) A person commits the crime of criminal mischief in the third degree if, with intent to cause substantial inconvenience to the owner or to another person, and having no right to do so nor reasonable ground to believe that the person has such right, the person tampers or interferes with property of another.

When he physically grabbed the blind and moved it, he took possession of the blind he committed theft. Depending on the cost of the blind it could be theft 3 ($100 or less) or 2 ($100 to $1,000).

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