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For the electric toys such as downriggers, extra sonar, GPS, TV/VCR, Underwater camera and so on I have 2 deep cycle marine batteries hooked together on one circuit. A single battery of this type will be pretty dead after 1 movie. If things get low I can start the 9.9 and that charges the 2 batteries also. 2 days Before I go fishing I plug in the onboard charger to start out with fully charged Bateries. This set up is hooked to position 2 on the Perko switch only for back up to postion 1 battery that is a monster Group 31 truck battery to crank the big engine and run most of the standard circuits that came in the boat.

Almost 5 years of adding toys and wires has things a little complex for a stranger on the boat to figure out so I often tell people "If you have not been checked out to fly the space shuttle....don't touch anything" jk!!!

Popcorn ...jiffie pop on propane heater!


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