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Default Re: Avid bass angler relocating to the Beaverton area

Originally Posted by oldsweng View Post
Just thought I would give you a "heads-up" about resident/non-resident licenses. You have to reside for six months before you can get a yearly resident license($33 minimum). The non-resident license is $106.25 minimum and is valid for the calendar year. There are several endorsements required for species and areas. The regs can be pretty complicated and the fines are not small. I suggest you download and read the regs (and updates!) from the ODFW Fishing website at:


You should also go to the marine board site at:


Your boat will have to be inspected for invasive species and you will have to obtain a boat operators card before you can legally launch. There is also information about registering your boat.

Welcome to Oregon!
I'm aware of the different rules and regs. I'm not new to Oregon by any means, I've fished up there before. A bit of sticker shock for the license but I'll "bite the bullet" for now and get a new license in 6 months.

We have similar invasive species awareness here which I am 100% for so no worries there.

Thanks for the links!
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