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Default Re: 2020 Official Archery Success thread!!!!

Joe likes to follow me around and find things to criticize. He’s been banned from copying my posts.

I’ve quartered elk the old way. Splitting the rib cage with a meat saw.

I’ve cut and wrapped my own meat for well over 30 years. We make sausage at home. I take every scrap of meat.

My daughter would never let me leave a heart behind. Elk heart for dinner on the night we cut and wrap is a tradition. You can slice the the side of the rib cage to get the heart. Tenderloins come out the third rib from the back.

We take rib meat, neck meat, brisket etc because I love ground elk meat.

No one I know eats elk liver. Or internal fat. Whatever. We do however use the leg bones to make elk stock.

Not sure the point you’re making about heat retained when all that’s left is guts and bones.

All meat gets cut off bone eventually. You just do more of it up front with gutless.

I’ve seen Steve Rinella bone out game to pack it out. I don’t think he took ribs or intestine fat.

I’ve fed my family a lot of elk meat in the past several decades. And don’t leave usable meat.

Of the 50 or so elk that I’ve been part of packing out. Exactly 2 came out whole.

We are typically in roadless areas with horses or packboards to get them out. Add Grizzlies to the mix and we always act quickly to have them boned and bagged within an hour or two. We all carry our own meat bags and rope

I’d be happy to have any game cop inspect a carcass I’ve left in the field.

You’re welcome to eat all the liver you’d like.
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