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A successful archery hunt is something to be celebrated by using the whole animal and not just those parts that are easy to peel off without making much of a mess.

If pack animals are available to assist getting an animal off the mountain there is really no excuse to get everything. If the weather is cold it is easy to hang the meat in trees to keep scavengers from getting any and then take time to get everything out.

The ribs of an elk are several fantastic meals, so is the heart and the liver.

Then there are the tender loins than are often left behind with the gutless method. I just finished off a fantastic chili verde using the tender loins.

Cooking with the caul fat of an elk is something that should not be missed - the gutless method leaves the caul fat in the field.

Elk skirt steak is something that should never be missed - a prime cut that gets left behind using the gutless method.

"I need to get inside the carcass to retrieve the heart, liver, tenderloins, skirt, caul fat and rib racks. What’s the point in doing this gutless ******** if you need to open the thing up anyway to retrieve the gold?” In other words, if you want to make the most out of your kill then you may as well just gut your animal first." Steve Rinella

Another issue with gutless is body heat of an ungutted elk. Dead elk retain a lot of body heat, even in cold weather, and this can have a negative impact on the meat. The weight of the internal organs also make it much more difficult to maneuver and elk while quartering.

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