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Default Got My Buck A Day Early

Went out this morning to open the hen house door to let the girls out, and caught this apple thief inside the chickens pasture.

Anyone else seeing early rut behavior? This guy was not spooked in the least bit. In fact he let me clank the gate latch and open the gate and just barely moved. I snapped a few more pics as he continued to crunch on apples. I let the girls out and he slowly walked past me at about 15 feet. Close enough that I was covering my boys in case he decided to charge me in my bathrobe.

Yesterday morning I had our regular mom and her twins go scampering across behind the deck and close behind with their noses to the ground were a different forky and his little buddy spike. The mom and twins high tailed it but the pair of bucks hung around sniffing the area for another 20 minutes before trotting in the direction of the family.

Normally we only see bucks from late October to early December. They are getting stupid really early this year. Anyone else seeing this behavior?
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