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Default Re: 2020 Official Archery Success thread!!!!

I havent posted on this forum in a while. But I'm still getting it done.

My long time hunting partner Rich called him in to 30 yards and I made the shot. It was 20 degrees standing in a foot of snow when I shot him.

Tracked him 2 miles as the crow flies, heard his death moans (which sounded exactly like a Grizzly bear growling btw)

Packed him out with my newish war horse Chester

We were pretty much out of the snow by the time we caught up to him. I've never seen any animal bleed so much. Incredibly tough animals.

Got him quartered and bagged and moved the meat 200 yards from the carcass before dark.

Went back in at first light and a Grizzly had dug into the front shoulder bags, and left with a hind quarter. We loaded very quickly and got out of there.

First time in my life I've ever lost meat over night. We salvaged over half.

Their population has continued to grow. In the fresh snow we cut tracks on pretty much every hunt.

Its always a Western adventure up there. We had some other call ins and shot opportunities. But that was our only elk this year.
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