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Default Re: 2020 Official Archery Success thread!!!!

We had pretty good action the first couple weeks of the season then for whatever reason the heart of the rut went weirdly silent.

Still, our camp did pretty good - I was able to participate in the recovery and pack out of 3 bulls during the course of the season. I experienced one of my most epic elk encounters ever, calling in an absolute monster bull to 10 yards for a 20 second full draw stare down - I wasn't able to get a shot because he stopped behind a tree that completely concealed his vitals, but it was still a thrilling adrenaline rush.

In the end, my hunting buddy tagged a 6x6, my son, Alek, tagged a 6x6 (his first archery elk! ) and thanks to my wife and her prayer group, I was fortunate to put an arrow into a 4x5 in the last few days of the season.

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