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Originally Posted by winterkill View Post
I was able to tag a spike and my buddy got a 4pt.

Super cool experience to see my buddy who I have hunted with since I was a teenager get his first bull. We were following some tracks and saw a cow. I froze and jumped behind my buddy. A bull came out, I ranged him and my buddy made a perfect shot.

When I got my spike I was sneaking into an area where I knew the elk were hanging. Saw a spike, then another one. They started kind of touching horns and mock fighting. While they were distracted I was able to sneak into 40 yards and get an easy broadside shot. It was another perfect shot and the elk only went about 10 yards before going down.

Crazy season with the smoke, closures and dealing with various issues with my COVID antibody testing business, not to mention my normal 9-5 job. Feel very fortunate that I made it into the woods and got some fresh elk meat.
Nice job winterkill!
Way to get it done!
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