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Friday, came over from Merwin was unusually slow even trolling at daybreak.

So i launched at Yale about 11:30, sunny, air temp mid 70s.

At Yale, i went towards the dam, took an hour to locate an area with willing biters. Main channel about 230 ft deep, within sight of both dams.
Let out 60 ft line, downriggers 55 ft, Arrow "moonglo" dodgers with Mack's aqua mini hoochies with .8 gold glitter smiles, usual garlic n tuna corn.

These yale kokaneewhile smaller, put up quite a struggle when you use light "noodle" poles!

I include 5 mm white glo beads on my home tied hoochies, you can "charge" up the beads and also the u/v tentacles of the hooch using the flash on your camera phone! Joe Adams told me about the phone flash charging technique.

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