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Originally Posted by Seefood Man View Post
"Winter rates" was bought up at a City Council meeting last year.
The Council, wouldn't hear of it.
Well almost all cities that adopt sewage rates that go by the water usage, use a winter average for the summer months. I guess you city didn't get the memo. Unfortunately, cities can set their rates any old way the want, our consultant told us of a city that set the rates for the bars by the amount of bar stools in the establishment. Bar owner aren't dumb, soon there were no bar stools!!!

It is dishonest to charge people a sewer rate for water that doesn't actually go down the sewer. The whole water and sewer rate scheme is paying for far more than water and sewer service in many small towns, that is a simple truth in my town. Towns can't raise their tax rates, but they can raise their fees and this is exactly how they are continuing to conduct business as normal in a declining economy.

The only way to keep rates fair and honest is to vote out the dishonest.
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