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Originally Posted by Seefood Man View Post
Here in Woodland our sewer rates are based on our water usage.
So if I spend 50 bucks to water the lawn then I'm charged close to 100 bucks for sewer charge.

So to the City of Woodland, the only thing brown I'm watering,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Typically sewer rates are based on "winter" usage. At least that's what many places do (City I live in does it this way) because that's when your usage is almost all sewer related. No need to pay sewer rates on water that never makes it to the wastewater treatment plant (ie watering your lawn and or garden). YMMV

We've got a new drinking water treatment plant in our area and rates have gone up a lot. I only water the little garden so my lawn is nicely tanned too. Just like me!
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