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this makes me laugh.....people gripe about all of us running electrics on our driftboats.........then they gripe about people anchoring on top of a hole. I am all for courtesy but this is comical.
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What a bunch of whiners. I have no problem anchoring in a hole and staying till I fish it out. I also have no problem backtrolling through water that most driftboaters wouldn't even think about spending the energy to backrow through. I can backtroll with the best of them. If you don't like someone getting to your hole first, maybe you should get up earlier.
As far as some of your comments about driftfishing Rags, I know many holes on the Nestucca where I guarantee you that by backbouncing I will outfish a drift-fisherman big time.
If you guys like how they do it so much on the South Coast maybe that is where you should be fishing. So far I have not seen any one of you post a scanned copy of your title or deed to any of the North Coast rivers.

The story I told about Big Tuna, well, I was looking forward to backtrolling that hole, I got down there and he was there so I said to my son, "No big deal, we still have plenty of water, we'll just go down to the next one". That is how most "Grown Ups" would deal with it.

By the way, I have been driftboating the North Coast rivers (mainly the Nestucca) for over 15 years now and anchor fishing is nothing new.

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