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Default Re: 2019 ODFW Controlled Hunt Draw Seed Numbers

Originally Posted by BrianMaguire View Post
WapitiBob - So you are saying that your points still give you a positive advantage in the 25% pool? - If so it really is not a 25% pool. It is a 25% pool of people with points - it should be purely random.

No, it's random as it should be. I'm saying ODFW only gives you one random number per species so if it's a good one, you'll be in a good position in both the pp side and the random side. If your number sucks, you'll be one of the last to draw in the PP side and one of the last in the random side. Wyoming gives you a separate number for the PP side and random side to try and even out your "luck".

I haven't asked if/when the draw process changed, other than to ask how our customer id's were created originally, how they created new ones when we went away from ssn, and how they are currently created.

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