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Default Loss of a Sport Fishing Champion: Allan Kelly

Many of you who have been around the sport for awhile will remember Allan Kelly and those that have not will benefit from his deeds. Allan Kelly, Northwest Steelheader hall of famer, founding member and executive director of the Oregon Wildlife Heritage Foundation, former Fish and Wildlife commissioner, and champion of fish and wildlife passed last week. During the eighties it seemed like Allan was everywhere. If you could come up with a good idea with the sport in mind it seemed like Allan was already working on it. Like Monroe's article in today's paper said, " His legacy is everywhere - boat ramps, viewing platforms, salmon and steelhead fisheries, habitat projects and public land purchases." Strange how I just ran across my deed to a piece of the lower Deschutes River public land purchase just the other day. We were fortunate to know Allan and with his passing I hope there will be many others to be champions as well.
Politics, industries, and our environment can make or break our fishing. We must be active, organized sport fishermen who will not be known for what we gave up or lost, but for what we did to prevent it.
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