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Default Re: O\'Sullivan/Potholes

We had our club tourney on Potholes last weekend and thought I would give an update.

Winner had just over 30lbs. They where a mix of smallmouth and largemouth. My team eneded up with around 15 pounds.

Saturday we caught a quick limit of smallmouth but never could find any over 2.5lbs. We fished rock piles and rip rap dropshotting robo worms.

Sunday we thought we would catch a quick limit of smallmouth and then go back in the dunes to find some big largmouth. After catching a 3.2 smallmouth the first 5 mintues, we fished hard for the next 3 hours without a bite. We made a run to the dunes and picked up a couple largemouth in the 2lb class. There are alot of 10-12" back there right know. Largemouths where caught on 5" Senkos.

Weather stayed nice and we did miss a big Thunderstorm on Staurday around 4PM. Luckly we was off the water

Here is a pic of Sundays catch.

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