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Well, it is true, that there can be a lot of variation in weight vs. length. I've caught many LM that were about all head...funnel shaped. Those were not healthy fish. My theory is that they're sterile females. They spend a lot of time and expend a lot of body fat, trying to spawn, but have no pheremones, and no eggs.

I have not seen a 10" LM or SM that weighed a pound, but have seen 12" bass that weighed 3/4 lb, and few 11" that went 1 lb. Other than club T's, I'm not in the habit of measuring length of a bass. Weigh it, take a picture, and over the side it goes.

ALL ABOUT SEX: Bass, that is. They claim that a close inspection of the exhaust port will disclose that males are round, while females are enlongated. That's what they say, anyway. Look if you want, just don't get too obvious about it! :grin: Basically, any bass over 2.5 lbs is probably female. Bigger than that, the chances increase a lot.

A good fishing scale is worthwhile. A cheap one is not. Our club has been calibrating scales for some years, but each year, new stuff comes out, and it isn't all good. Price is not always a reliable indicator, either. I might be able to get you some recommendations on newer stuff. I have bought a bunch, and ended up with a Chatillion. It will last decades, and pass down to future generations. I got it at Cabela's, around $50. C&R, Steve
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