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Default Tuna Fishing Crash Course for Newbies

There's still time for newbies to learn tuna skills, and chase tuna on their own boats this season. I'm offering fast-track coaching programs you can finish in a span of just 9 days.

FINDING tuna is 80% of the battle, and you'll learn how to use the three primary tools - eyes, electronics and satellites. Specific topics include
* Spotting and reading birds
* Identifying temperature breaks online and on the water
* Visually identifying tuna water - color, clarity, particles
* Setting up your fishfinder
* Planning your trip with satellite temperature and chlorophyll data

GEAR requirements are minimal to get started. I'll evaluate what you already have and give you a customized shopping list to buy the lures and gear you still need.

FISHING METHODS for your first season follow the KISS principle - trolling, iron and swimbaits. Learn the fundamentals of converting troll stops to iron and putting your first iron fish in the box.

Coaching programs are 100% customized to your specific background and goals. The package includes 4 hours of one-on-one coaching plus homework, handouts and 60 days of phone/text/email support.

For details, email me at [email protected], or though my website https://www.theoceancoach.com/

P.S. Go to my website to get my free guide titled What Does Tuna Water Look Lik
...helping you become the captain everyone trusts... https://www.theoceancoach.com/
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