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Originally Posted by ccw View Post
$26.9 million to remove? And it still is moving at a glacial pace... Ouch. I remember driving across that dam in the 70s & 80s. It was defunct and they were talking about taking it out then. Delaying due to legal arguments, posturing, permits and engineering concerns has cost how many potential fish in these past forty years?

Too bad the one of the Portland based Oregon National Guard F-15s can't buzz up there (or an A-6 Intruder out of Whidbey Island Naval Air Station) whack it with a dam buster and get her done in a morning. Silt? I bet it would wash out and only affect a relatively short portion of the 70 miles of river. Salmon are equiped to deal with it too... I bet they'd swim past it.

Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to see these dams going. The fact that it takes so long and so much money is ludicrous. This seems to be a study in how NOT to remove dams more than anything else. C.W.
Actually, you're going against all available science with your thoughts; not to mention the huge amount of money that was spent on the water system below, a system which would be overwhelmed. Not to mention the possible damage that could be done to the existing runs below the dam, lots of silt at the right time could completely wipe out a generation of fish.

That dam wasn't defunct; it generated electricity until just recently, when the lines were finally finished into the area from elsewhere. If the dam had just been torn out without any thought of how to power the people in the area, you'd have people without power. NPS actually operated the dam and helped pay a portion of the cost of the new powerlines by the revenue from the power generation.

Was there legal and political posturing? You bet, from all sides. This is getting done right; the fish have been waiting a long time, a few more years wasn't going to matter one way or another.

Although it would be cool to see what a missle would do to it!!

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