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I first meet Gary when i was 9 or 10 at Larry,s in O.C. i would walk up from the bowling alley drift to Larry.s to call my dad for a ride home and to talk fishing with Gary or who ever would talk to a little kid and Gary would allways give me the time of day he was a real nice guy. He would allways say high on the river when he floated by in the winter on the lower clack.I grew up a few blocks from his house on high st in O.C. and would stop by when ever i would see him outside. He always took the time to talk to the little kid so interested in fishing a true gentleman.He showed me a real nice 4x4 Blacktail in his house he had hung on the wall i,m sure was a Lukins cr buck. I remember walking under the trolley car bridge and seeing Gary and 3 nice big springer laying there and helping him haul those up to a little toyota or datsun pick up and him giving me a ride home.I have real good memories of Gary Hilton . I all so lost track of him over the last 10 years but will never forget him or driving down high st and seeing a drift boat hooked up to a white van or a green and white bronco 24/7 he was ready . Thank,s for taking the time to talk to the kid so interested in fishing. Blake Bartley
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