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Originally Posted by tallon View Post
Well Joel, Do you believe that dredgeing salmon juvenile habitat is a good idea too?Is the bar crossing your only concern?Is it a good idea for a plant
of this size to built in oregon to supply gas for calif?Does it concern you that
surveiliance cameras will be going 24-7 along the entire lower river?With a
"saftey zone" of 500 yrds. around every tanker(LNG) does it bother you that
all boaters will be removed (with force if nessessary)? Are you at all bothered by the fact that Abdul or anyone with a desire could very well buy or rent a condo on the water in astoria and with a rpg or other weapon blow
a 200,000 lb. tanker at will?These are just a few of folks that live here concerns.Seems to me like they deserve some consideration.
500 yard safety zone? So I'll have to leave my place in Astoria whenever one goes by? Hope they don't go by during bath time.
Tight lines
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