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Attention - Portco users this Saturday 3/24

This Saturday (3/24), Columbia River Steelheaders, in partnership with the Vancouver Wildlife league and the Wounded Veterans program will be hosting a fishing event to help provide a much needed day of peace for some soldiers who are returning to us from deployments to the middle east. This is an event we have been putting together for some time now, and we are preparing for what we hope is a great day on the water honoring those who have given so much to our country.

Our goal is to create a peaceful, enjoyable, and safe day of springer fishing to help out those who have served us in the middle east. We will be taking 40 returning soldiers out for Springers on Saturday.

We know tensions have a habit of getting high at boat ramps, especially this one during the peak of springer season, but we ask for everyone's respect and patience this Saturday at Portco. We will be launching and loading 20 boats with 40 soldiers between 6-7am. The City of Vancouver, WDFW, and the Vancouver Police department are graciously assisting and have offered us all the permits, first priority at the boat ramp, and the parking lot. VPD will be marking off a designated area for our boat trailers. We humbly ask for as much cooperation as possible.

If you need to contact our group on Saturday on the water, we will be monitoring VHF channel 68.

For more details see our website at http://www.crsteelheaders.org


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