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Originally Posted by Dullhook View Post
6/12 and 6/13... Shared a campsite at P.C. with long-time old friend Aufish101. Jigging was on the slow side with a light East wind and the kokes were biting really light on Wednesday. Fished out from the campground, experimenting with different depths and jigs. Both of us caught macs that day along with the kokes.

Thursday the wind switched around to the prevailing West and the fishing became red hot! I'd lost my anchor the day before so tied onto Gary's boat. We were fishing in the view point area in about 120' of water, right off the bottom. Fish were cruising through that area and hitting much harder than the day before. He got his limit along with another big mac, all macs were released to terrorize and cull the koke population. I don't like to freeze fish, so quit with two large smoker fulls. Left on Friday morning without fishing to beat the traffic.

We found that tipping the jigs with corn seemed to get more strikes. Three quarter and 1 oz jigs worked best in the deep water. I'd been using a 1/2 oz jig, but the heavier jigs resulted in more solid hook-ups and fish in the basket. Aufish makes very high quality jigs which I've caught hundreds of fish with throughout the years.

Wound up a great trip with good company and warm sunny weather. Pics below of Gary's second mac which ran 31 inches and fat.

I bought some jigs from AuFish 6-7 years ago and yes they are quality jigs and catch fish. I highly recommend his jigs.
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