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Originally Posted by 1pump View Post
Docks are NOT in yet at PC. Camp host says 2 weeks, maybe. Ramp is open, but good luck in this wind. It's howling right now.
Been here since Mon night. Weather has varied between insane and psychotic. Today's weather isn't horrible, but we had to stop fishing because the wind blew all of the water out of the lake.
We haven't kept a real accurate count, but we're around 150 kokes so far, and 1 Mack that I let go. And they're bigger than the last couple of years. We got on top of a big school yesterday and yanked almost 30 fish out of it, and they were all 12" plus, and fat.
About 80% we caught jigging 3/4 or 1 oz jigs in 110' of water, most of the rest by casting to jumpers when it was calm enough, and a few more surface trolling.
Predictably, campgrounds are starting to fill up. We have a good spot at PC, and we're pulling out Sun afternoon, so if you want it you can have it then. 🙂
So Odell went dry over the weekend? 😜😜😜
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