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Originally Posted by HalibutZach View Post
Hi killer: I hate to break the bad news to you but there is nothing special about Lucky Duck jigs. Nordic, Kokenator, AuFish jigs catch just as many Kokanee. The mold is basically the same . The same colors are successful. I believe pink and white is the best at certain times of the year, orange and white, solid orange, solid pink, light blue and white. If you are limited to 3 colors, 1. pink and white, 2. orange and white, 3. solid pink.

The reason Lucky Duck catches so many fish is because he has approx. $12,000.00+ dollars of state of the art sonar on his boat, and he has LEARNED how to use it.
I use pink and white Gibbs Minnow for casting to jumpers and Diamond dust jigs work well too. Don''t be afraid to experiment. MB.
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