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Default Re: How to bait a hook, commercial style (herring)

I fished using a simplified version of Mark's baiting technique on 7 and 8 August, off the Columbia River. I used the cable hook and fresh herring (from TackleTime) and targetted Coho.

I baited the hook by first running the shank of the hook through the mouth of the bait and out the vent. Then I ran the shank from vent to mouth, turned the hook up along side the tail of the bait, and secured the mouth with a Maah clip.

I trailed a 6 foot leader (w/ a swivel midway) behind a diver, trolled ~2 knots w/ 8-15 (2') pulls. We took 8 Coho divided evenly between natives and hatchery fish. My four fishing partners (2 each day) each caught their first salmon, which was rather cool.

What I particularly like about this setup for Coho is the ease with which the cable hooks can be extracted from the native fish.

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