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Talking Re: 4 person life raft and EPIRB question

Viking life raft owner here.

While researching the purchase of a life raft a several of years ago, several things became clear after looking at the different makes/manufacturers.

1- Service after the sale. Viking has their own repacking facilities and the 4 person raft I bought was vacuum packed from the beginning. This allows a three year service interval, safely. Unless you pay several hundred extra for most makes, they do not come vacuum packed and require annual services to maintain their certification. (at least this was the case when I was looking at rafts three years ago)

2- 10 year warranty to the original owner that covers all repairs except the canister.

3- Solid track record in the manufacturing and support, in the life raft industry. If you get on most any cruise ship/ocean liner and look at what kind of rafts they are carrying, most have Viking.

Congratulations with your decision to keep your passengers safe, some don't think about it until it's to late.

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