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Originally Posted by Shadower360 View Post
wow a fall spawn..............................Isnt that kinda against the rules of nature? I would think that all of the fry would die from the winter shortage of food and cold.
Sorry fellas, Bass spawn in the spring! No winter spawn. Too bad about the cleaning station....next years bass down the drain!
, but... This is right off the ODF&W home page report today:

"Anglers have reported success of catching fish including bass, trout, bluegill, crappie and catfish. Powereggs and nightcrawlers remain a favorite. As the water cools down, the fish will be coming closer to the surface. On warm days, anglers have been showing success fishing with a slip sinker about 36 inches off the bottom. On rainy days, fishing with a bobber is the best bet.

The small and largemouth bass are very active along the creek beds, as they are in their second spawning."

Yes, they are talking about the Valley, in Oregon...Really.
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