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Default Re: I got some new swim bait toys today!

A lot of guys throw big slimebaits on curados and they do fine... you should put more thought into the rod. You shouldn't have to worry about buying a bigger reel for bigger baits, as long as it's a decent reel and you take care of it it should work. Just play with those pin brakes inside till you find a good setting for it.

One thing I didn't understand is your choice of colors for the baits? The baby bass might do OK but I don't know of many places over here that have threadfin shad? 3:16 makes a bunch of real good trout colors and I don't think there's a body of water on the west coast where they don't plant those nice little feeder trout for the bass to gorge on... hehehe I'll prolly catch some flak from the slimers for that comment.
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