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Hey guys,

Re: 3:16 Swimbaits

If you ever want to read a great fishing book go find Monte Burke's 'Sowbelly' the hunt for the world record largemouth. In the book Burke travels around to find those trying to grow or catch that next world record. He travels throughout the south, southern California and Cuba looking for the lake and angler who is likely to catch the next big fish. Part of the story is those who try to grow or genetically engineer the next big bass.

But one of the cool parts of the story is Mickey Ellis who fought back from being a drug addicted ex-con to found the 3:16 Lure company. When his life really hit bottom Mickey went fishing and found what he wanted to do for a living. In Sowbelly the day the author visited his shop was the first day a 3:16 Swimbait was put on sale at eBay.

A good read.
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