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Originally Posted by KingSlew View Post
I really like that knot...

Me too.

Here's what I have found over the years. Most any good knot won't be the average place of failure. When fishing A LOT, failure is most likely to come from a location where the line has been nicked or abraded. When I lose gear, especially iron or swim baits, it isn't from knot failure, it's because I failed to cut off 2 feet of leader that has been chewed on and get fresh stuff close to the hook.

This is where the Jansik comes into play. It's strong, it works, it's fast, and I can pretty much do it almost without looking. I'm more likely to cut off and retie with a super fast knot.

I don't spend much time analyzing knots, I just like the most efficient one that I can do quickly and doesn't fail in real world applications.
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