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I start by cutting the hide along the backbone - tail to skull - then skin and peel the hide down the side. If I'm going to save the hide, I tube out the front leg - otherwise cut from below the leg joint up to the top.

* remove front shoulder
* filet the various layers of meat covering the ribs, neck, brisket
* remove backstrap
* remove back ham
* remove back loin - this can be tricky - you have to push guts to expose and cut the loin out.
* cut out flank meat - this exposes the caul fat - you just have to be careful with delicate cuts and the caul will easily pull out. Drape the caul fat over a clean log and in about an hour (in warm weather) it will dry out to a rubbery pliable texture that you can simply fold up to haul out. Cutting out the flank also exposes the skirt - you might have to push the gut a little, but you just filet along the inside of the rib/chest and along the diaphragm. If the gut has been punctured I don't take the caul or any "dirty" meat.
* cut out rib meat
* cut top joints of first four ribs to remove both sides of front loin
* pull those 4 ribs down and you can remove the heart

Flip the animal over - brush any dirt off of the hide and start from the top of the list. I don't take the liver - nobody in my family will eat it. I have eaten the tongue - made good tacos. I used to not take the heart until a buddy showed me how to properly prepare it.

I take my wild game to The Meating Place - flank, skirt, rib meat, neck all go into scrap that is processed into either burger, Italian Sausage, Jalapeno Cheddar Smoked Sausage, or Jalapeno Cheddar Pepperoni. I also love their jerky and have been known to send the backstrap in for the best jerky you could ever dream of...

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