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Default Re: Don\'t you just hate it when

....um....how about when you go buy some eggs...use them...and don't catch a fish..bring home the left overs..put them in the fridge...tell your wifey that you need to go fishing to "use up the eggs, before they go bad". Get on the road...almost to the location...and realize that you forgot the eggs.

Or, when you take a break from the float tube...head up to the john...head back down to the water...get settled and ready to start floating again...you sit down...and realize you didn't pull up your waders....and you get more wet than you would have, had you just "gone" in the waders!!

Or, when you get up really early to be the first guy at the park....show up at 5:45, because last time you fished that park it was open at 5:45, then you have to wait for the ranger to open the gate....at 6:55....you ask.."why didn't you open up sooner??" The ranger says the park opens when it's sun up...as you pull into the parking lot....a guy comes in behind you...grabs his gear and beats you to your spot....you fish another spot..with your eyes on your spot....and the other guy catches a fish...and you don't!
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