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Originally Posted by DogZilla15 View Post
That is true but they don’t have the flexibility of the sport fisher and they are fishing much farther offshore for different fish. They cover lots more water and expose their baits to lots more fish. It’s not an equal comparison. Heck, even the jackpole can be and is adapted to the sport fisher.
Sure, some are further offshore, but I was fishing near a few last weekend. Even managed to troll up a few fish.

When I started fishing in the 90's, the only people to learn from were the commercial trollers. I almost never saw another sport boat out there. Their methods are absolutely transferable to sport boats.

If you want to fish bait or jig, go for it. It's a great way to catch tuna and for most is more fun than trolling, but quit claiming that you can't catch fish trolling. It's simply not true.
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