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Default Re: Endangered Species Act is under attack

Something long the line of, “if it can’t adapt, it needs to go bye bye.” I’ve brought this up before but its been a while.

I was up at Hagg Lake running my Griffs around. They have some areas marked as, critical habitat, keep out. It involves some butterfly that no one gives a darn about. One day there was a fellow with clipboard poking around this “habitat” (which appears to be some sort of dwarf Lupin) so I stopped to get the details. Told him the whole idea seemed ridiculous to put so much effort into such a meaningless cause. His response was, “it keeps me employed.”

My wheels of creativity started turning and I figured the best thing to do would be to spray this critical habitat with an herbicide and save the government some money. In reality, they’d just find some other worthless endeavor to spend it on.

This is clearly not the way to save the planet, one butterfly at a time.
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