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We had 5 on the lawn at one point last night. 2 sets of twins and a single. All 3 does present. Could see a couple little bucks downriver on the neighbor's shore.

One doe has been acting "hinky". Not sure what's up. Last night she deserted her twins ... jumped over the "dog fence" into a small separate section of lawn. Her babies went clear around it 2-3 times fairly freaked out, then circled the house twice, and eventually wandered off alone upriver. Half an hour later she was still in there just feeding. At one point another doe with twins approached the fence and she seemed pretty aggressive toward those fawns. They left. Half hour later she was still in there, alone. Doesn't seem like typical deer parenting style. She looks a bit odd, carries her ears low / straight out and she's got a lot of ribs showing. Wonder if she's got worms or something.

IMHO there are too many deer there, too much inbreeding, and maybe some hair loss disease ... things would be improved if someone were allowed to take out 12-15 deer of the 25 or so deer that hang in the neighborhood. Neighbors are so caught up in "poor things" trying to save them all when triage is necessary for any to survive. Again, IMHO.
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