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"Or the water is to fast to row back up to the top and try another pass"

How about giving it one pass and moving on--the time-honored tradition or truly sharing the water?

"How do I teach my young teenaged boy's how to driftfish or bobber and jig fish?"

Seeing as how those are bank fishing techniques, I'd suggest the obvious: from the bank. They are great techniques. Very effective. And I think it's awesome you're the kind of guy that thinks it's important to take his sons fishing--we need many more like you. But they are not drift boat techniques. There in lies the problem--particularly on the North Coast. Too many guys treating drift boats like floating pieces of bank.

"But don't act like your way is the only and best way, that is the drift I am getting from your post, I don't know all the answers but I am certain that you don't either."

Maybe not. But I do know how to sidedrift, boon-doggle, and pull plugs or divers while on the oars. I never anchor to fish a hole. If I did, I would fully expect guys sidedrifting or pulling plugs to fish through--that's only fair. There simply aren't enough holes on North Coast rivers for the first guy anchored in the hole to expect that he's "called it." If anything, that only requires others to race to the remaning holes and attempt the same. Ultimately, that won't work, and you end up with the zoo that is the lower Kilches any given Saturday in January.

I regularly fish on rivers on the South Coast with every bit as many boats as the Wilson, Nestucca, or any other North Coast river, but with much less felt congestion. Often times on the Chetco groups of twenty or more boats will go down in a single group--with limited conflict and everyone catching fish. Why? Because nobody anchors. Period. They drift through--generally once--and continue downstream. In a few places people row or motor back upstream to go through again--taking a place at the end of the line--but nobody blocks the whole hole by anchoring. If they want to employ a bank technique, they park and bank fish. Granted, the fish are moving there more than in other systems, but the principle holds true nonetheless: take a reasonable shot and move on.

You don't have to agree with me. Hell, I couldn't care less if you do or not--that has no effect whatsoever on the legitimacy of my argument. But don't kid yourself that anchoring in a hole isn't rude, and that it doesn't reflect a certain amount of poor sporstmanship. The reel problem is that it's one of those "every body else is doing it, so I will to," kind of things. The result is the mess that has become most of the North Coast.
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