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Default Re: Anybody had to fire their doctor?

I finally dropped my 78 year old doc and went to a new doc explaining to her that I needed a new PCP and asked her if she was also comfortable taking on the role of my PCP. Best thing I've ever done. My old doc is a very nice guy and very sociable during a visit. However he only wanted to treat the problem and not do prevention. The turning point was when he prescribed a med for a minor sinus infection at was on the extreme end of dangerous side effects to the extent that the pharmacist spent time going through how to take the drug and what not to do after taking the drug and gave me a web site to do followup reading on it. After I did that no way was I taking this stuff for a minor problem. That was my last visit.

The down side was the new PCP ran me through a battery of health tests for a base line on my health. I love the fact that I can directly email her and she handles questions and problems without needing an office call.
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